Saturday, April 24, 2010

Looking Ahead: Double Dipping

I previewed Game 1 yesterday. Nothing has changed in my opinion on that.

Game 2: Aaron Cook vs. Nate Robertson

Game 2 should be more of an advantage to the Rockies because of their clear depth/talent advantage over the Marlins. The Rockies can run an entirely different lineup out there in two games and you feel like both lineups can hang with anybody.  That's a nice attribute.

Of course there's always the concerns over Giambi's defense, but let's just hope he's not needed too often with the glove.  

Aaron Cook needs to be good today. I'm expecting the bullpen to pick 3-4 innings in Game 1, so Cook has to get into the 7th or 8th to keep things from getting crazy. The Marlins lineup matches up much better for him than it does for Smith. plus Cook just seems due for a Cookmanlike outing, doesn't he?

Let's cross our fingers.

The Rockies need to pound Nate Robertson like they did Scott Olsen. There's really no reason for them not to, he's essentially the same guy, only Robertson wears glasses. But the Rockies need to not feel bad about hitting a guy with glasses.

My Lineup Card Game 2

LF Gonzalez
CF Fowler
1B Helton
SS Tulowitzki
RF Spilborghs
C Olivo
3B Mora
2B Barmes
P Cook

Simulation Game 2

Marlins 5, Rockies 3 (10)

The Rockies got everything they needed out of Aaron Cook. Cook pitched 7 innings of 1 run ball, striking out 10 -- yes... 10 -- while walking none and allowing 6 hits. Unfortunately an elevated pitch count prevented him from going to the distance, and even more unfortunately, a worn out bullpen was forced to use Matt Daley in the closer role. That didn't go well.

Daley walked two, hit a batter, and allowed the two game-tying runs to the score. Manny Corpas then pitched the 10th, allowing two runs himself for the loss.

The offense was rather quiet as well. Clint Barmes led off the 3rd with a HR. Troy Tulowitzki hit a 2-run HR in the 4th. Aside from that there were no major scoring threats.