Saturday, April 24, 2010

Running Thoughts: Smith vs. Nolasco

Rockies Examiner explains the TV situation.

Just talked to the producer for Fox Sports Rocky Mountain and she said that there is no TV for the first game, HOWEVER; they are turning on their broadcast at 5:30pm so if the first game is still ongoing (probably will be) then they WILL show that.  
So follow along with me and the radio broadcast until they flip the switch at 5:30.

Seth Smith gets the nod over Dexter Fowler in Game 1.  He bats second and plays left, CarGo shifts over to center.  Chris Iannetta starts behind the dish.

The Marlins go with an entirely right-handed lineup against Greg Smith.  I figured they would.   This presents quite a challenge for Greg, who will need his command to be at its best.  These aren't just right-handed hitters, these are right-handed bats that go up there looking to go yard.

I'm going to close my eyes and hope this goes well!

1st Inning
  • Cameron Maybin leads off the game with a bunt single.  Something to keep in mind about Maybin: he's fast.  
  • Rockies turn a bizarre double play as Tulo attempts to trap a looping liner, catches it, throws to first, Marlin runners collide, someone gets tagged.  Umpires rule a double play.  Scoreless first inning for Smith.  
  • Rockies get two out singles from Helton & Tulo, but fail to score as Nolasco strikes out Hawpe.  Two strikeouts in the first for Ricky.  
2nd Inning
  • There's the power from Florida.  Dan Uggla hits his 4th of the season, a solo shot with one out.  Key word being solo.  
  • Strikeout #3 for Nolasco: Chris Iannetta looking.  
  • 1-2-3 go the Rox.  If Nolasco is allowed to settle in, this is going to be a long Game 1 for Colorado.  
  • Marlins 1, Rockies 0
3rd Inning
  • Brett Carroll with a solo HR leading off.  
  • This game is going precisely how I figured to this point.  Power for the Marlins O and strikeouts for the Rockies O.  
  • PS: I don't want it to go the way I figured it would go.  I want to be an idiot for the day!  Come on Rockies.  
  • Cantu delivers an RBI single to center.  Two on now for Dan Uggla.  
  • Uggla flies to deep left to end the inning.  Smith doesn't look long for this game.  A minor miracle if he gets through 5.  
  • Seth Smith collects the Rockies third hit but that's all in the inning.  
  • Marlins 3, Rockies 0
4th Inning
  • Big inning for Smith.  1-2-3 frame on few pitches, which may increase his chances to get through 6 innings.  That's a big thing to pay attention to in these doubleheaders.  
  • And Brad Hawpe hurts his quad again running to first base.  Just put him on the damn DL already.  
  • Chris Iannetta back to being a mess at the plate... thanks largely to lack of playing time.  
  • Big Ian Stewart knocks home Tulo with a single.  Huge two out RBI.  
  • Marlins 3, Rockies 1
5th Inning
  • Hawpe officially removed from the game.  Spilborghs in.  I'm guessing a DL stint is coming.  
  • Smith runs into some traffic but is able to retire Jorge Cantu.  No damage done.
  • Interesting decision for Tracy with Smith due up second.  Might have a good inning left in him.  
  • Smith bats for himself and gets another hit.  Maybe he should just always hit for himself.  
  • Nolasco through 5 for his team.  Having a solid outing.  
6th Inning
  • This might be the turning point inning.  Rockies NEED another 0 from Smith.  
  • And that's a bad start as Uggla doubles leading off.  
  • 1st & 3rd, no outs... Tracy turning this one over to Manny Corpas.  
  • Brett Carroll with a sac fly.  
  • Manny not a bad job at all limiting that to 1.
  • Crickets for the Rox offense.
  • Marlins 4, Rockies 1
7th Inning
  • Jack Corrigan: "Good slider by Manny Ramirez."  Oy.  
  • Corpas doing his job.  1-2-3 inning.  Let's stretch now... and then get some runs!  
  • And congratulations Jim Tracy, Chris Iannetta is officially in a funk.  Three strikeouts.  
  • 1-2-3.  Not good.  
8th Inning
  • Corpas works a third scoreless inning.  What a plus he's been in this new long relief role!  
  • Ricky Nolasco getting better, stronger as the game moves on.  Season high 9 strikeouts through 8 innings.  
9th Inning
  • Corpas finishes with three hitless innings.  Matt Daley takes over in the 9th.  
  • Florida pinch-hits for Nolasco.  Well, hey, that has to increase the chances of a comeback by a couple % points.  
  • A rundown cuts down a potential 5th Marlin run.  Crowd goes nuts.  Only thing they've had to cheer all day!  
  • Wish I could say the Rockies went down fighting.  
  • Final: Marlins 4, Rockies 1
  • Gonna need a split tonight gentlemen.