Thursday, March 4, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 1

Rockies 11, Diamondbacks 1  (Boxscore)


Seth Smith

The best pure hitter on the squad starts his spring with a home run, double, single, 2 runs and 3 RBI. The pressure is already on Brad Hawpe.

Rockies Aggression

Eric Young stretches a single into a double leading off. Gonzalez attempts a steal a couple batters later. I've said many times before -- I like aggressive baserunning, but too many times the Rockies cross the line into dumb baserunning. Hopefully they will stay on the aggressive side of the line far more times than not.

Officially Worried About Huston Street

Thinking back to last season makes me feel even worse.

Jim Tracy really ran Street into the ground at times, using him four consecutive days from June 8-11, and then six times in seven games from August 16-23. About 10 ten days after that was when Street came down with biceps tendinitis That injury cost him 20 days of action. He looked okay when he returned, but his slider wasn't as sharp and his overall performance just wasn't as smooth.

Now we're talking about shoulder tightness three days into March.