Thursday, April 1, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 31

Cubs 2, Rockies 0  (Boxscore)

No hits and misses today.

What I saw out there were two teams far more interested in catching a flight out of town than playing baseball. Who can blame them? Arizona is a great place to be and all, and they're playing baseball of course, but there's only so much meaningleess baseball these guys can take. I think we all have our limitations in that regard. Mine ran out about three weeks ago.

That said, I congratulate Jeff Francis on his outing today. I'm sure a more patient lineup would have given him a little more trouble, but when you add the Cubs to getaway day, lots of early swings are going to happen.

The Rockies had been showing more patiences as a team this spring. That was non-existant today. Hopefully that sloppiness doesn't creep over into the weekend and opening day.

Hmm... aside from that, not much to add here.

Four days until the fun begins!