Saturday, June 25, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: We both mailed it in

By we I mean me and Jim Tracy.

Rather than get up at a decent hour to post this morning's Lineup Card, I slept in. Hey, I was up until six this morning writing up my Saturday morning recaps for Big League Stew, so I give myself a pass this time. But I kind of wish I had dragged my ass out of bed anyway, because it would have been fun commenting on that lineup Jim Tracy filled out.


So here's the deal on that. Wednesday I defended Tracy for sitting three starters in the series finale in Cleveland. I'll still defend that. It was obvious Todd Helton, Charlie Blackmon and Chris Iannetta needed that day off. With the off day Thursday, I was completely in favor of how Jim planned that to buy Todd and Chris especially 48 hours of rest.

Today: I wasn't too surprised to see Seth Smith and Blackmon benched. That's the norm for Smith against any lefty, especially one of CC Sabathia's caliber. But when that leaves you with Eric Young in the outfield, are you really gaining anything? Are you really doing your players right when you're not only putting one out of position, but pretty much telling the rest I'm waving the white flag today. Here's my 25th man in right. My 24th man behind the plate. And my 23rd man in left field to support my 5th starting pitcher.

How else can you take it?