Friday, January 21, 2011

Good week of signings for O'Dowd

-- I like the Joe Crede signing quite a bit, although he's an extreme longshot to make the opening day roster. Of course I said nearly the same thing initially about Jason Giambi, but now it has become quite apparent there's a plan in place that accomodates Giamib's inclusion.

-- Crede can really help the Rockies somewhere down the line if he proves to be healthy in spring, and is willing to spend some time in the minors if he doesn't fit on the opening day roster. He'll probably need that time anyway to knock all that rust off. That won't happen in six weeks of spring training after sitting out a year.

At his best he'll provide excellent defense, moderate power for a corner infielder, a low average, but a fairly low strikeout rate. You're not going to hand him a full time job, so you can plug and play him to his strengths, while keeping him fresh.

From all accounts (mine included) Crede is a quality guy as well. He has a lot to prove to the baseball world and to himself, so that's a really good low risk signing if you ask me.

-- I'm opening my eyes to what the Giambi signing means. I'm really cool with it realizing he won't be playing defense much, if at all. Jose Lopez and Ty Wigginton can undoubedly play first base and account for all innings Todd Helton doesn't play, which I expect to be a significant number.

What it means is the Rockies will go with four outfielders. That's cool too... but as I pointed out the other day, Fowler and Gonzalez have to stay healthy. Those head-on wall collisions can't happen. If you get in a position where one is day-to-day, you're down to three outfielders, and your defense could be a problem.

But hey, it's worth the risk if you really believe in what Giambi can give you in his limited role. The Rockies clearly believe. I have no issues with that. He wants to be here. I love that. Go get'em, Jason.

-- Troy Renck has more details on the Giambi contract. (Denver Post)

-- Covered the Lindstrom signing the other day.

-- 24 days until pitchers and catchers report!

-- 36 days until we see the Rockies on the field against an opponent.

-- 41 days until we start complaining about spring training being too long.

-- 69 days until Opening Day.

-- 70.5 days until Jim Tracy exhausts the entire bullpen. (Ubaldo's going the distance on opening day... I hope)

And so on...

Enjoy your weekend.