Sunday, August 22, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Still Can't Count To 18

Listen, I know 17 is the most recognizable number in Rockies history. In a few years it'll be the first (hopefully only) number retired by the franchise. Still -- can we please do something, anything, to assist Ubaldo Jimenez in reaching his franchise record 18th victory?





Oh well, I'm happy Jim Tracy didn't completely overwork Ubaldo tonight. Really no point in wasting his arm on a lost season. I know the 18th win is signifcant, as would be #20, and possibly keeping him in the Cy Young race, but is all that truly worth it in the end?

Not to me.

I want team success over individual success every day of the week, so if the Rockies decided to shutdown Ubaldo tomorrow, or a week from now, mid-September, fine by me. 2011 is where the main focus needs to go.

Really nothing to add or analyze about this one. I hope to avoid repeating myself over and over again, although this team makes that extremely difficult based on them playing the same, tired, boring, lifeless games over and over again.

Well, I'll say this -- I can already see Jim Tracy has fallen in love with Matt Reynolds and will continue running him into the ground over the next 40 games until he's left as a pile of dust..

Jim, please, for the love of God, try to restrain yourself.


Is my fantasy football draft. That means no Rockies for me. I'm sure I'll watch the condensed game later in the day on MLB.TV.