Friday, May 14, 2010

The Coors Field Cesspool

And the umps just stood and watched as the game continued for several innings in a complete cesspool of mud and slop. Both teams have to be a little angry the game continued, but even more thankful they didn't lose a player to injury in those conditions.

A Waterlogged and Muddy Recrap

This was not as ugly as the score indicates, but was every bit as ugly as this picture of the field indicates.

The Rockies played fairly well tonight for seven innings, The Nationals just played a little better.

So many losses have been frustratiing because it felt like the Rockies gave it away. This wasn't one of those. The Nationals just came in and took it. Everytime the Rockies battled back, which was often, the Nationals distanced themselves some more.  A sign of a solid baseball team.