Monday, April 5, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Game 1

Rockies 5, Brewers 3

1-0. That's about 1,000% better than 0-1.

Today's season opener was more interesting than it was entertaining. Unless you enjoy games where your team makes a few errors, leaves all kind of runners in scoring position, and then allows the tying run to bat with no outs in the ninth in a three run game.

Like I said, though, 1-0 is better than 0-1.

The Rockies will play better than this about 100 times this season, and not as good probably 40 times. I'm just making numbers up, but they should play better more times than not.

Running Thoughts on Jimenez vs. Gallardo

1st Inning

  • Rockies come out aggressive on the basepaths as Gonzalez is gunned down stealing. Probably would have preferred they allow Seth Smith's AB to play out there as he had a 3-1 count at the time, though he did strikeout.   
  • On the defensive side, Tulowitzki gets one of his rare errors out of the way very early. You won't see but 3-4 more like that all season.
2nd Inning
  • Brad Hawpe morphs into Dexter Fowler for a few seconds as he scores from second on a wild pitch.  The most exciting play in baseball aside from the inside-the-park homer.   
  • Good lord can Ian Stewart rake.  
  • The Rockies won't make many errors this season.  That the Brewers aren't capitalizing on the two early ones today is a fantastic break for the Rocks.

Happy Opening Day!

We got action in Milwaukee. Our favorite drinking town with a baseball problem.

Rockies @ Brewers -- Miller Park

Ubaldo Jimenez vs Yovani Gallardo

Seth Smith starts, Dexter Fowler sits, and it's alright

A non-story any other day but Opening Day. I'd say this was an easy decision for Tracy. One that I'm actually quite pleased he went ahead with. You're facing a legitimate right-handed ace, so why not start your obvious best left-handed hitters? Give yourself the best chance you can to win. He doesn't have to explain that to me.

As for Fowler, hopefully it will take A LOT more than sitting on Opening Day to rattle his confidence. If it doesn't, then there's a more to develop than just his right-handed swing. You know he'll be in the game late for defense, and he'll start games 2 & 3 against a couple lefties. You'll see Ryan Spilborghs get one start for sure, maybe even two. Everyone in the pool for series one. I like it.