Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Tuesday Links and Things: Juan Nicasio, Ben Petrick, Aaron Cook, Mike McCoy. Yes, Mike McCoy

Another quiet week on the Rockies hot stove. I can't even think of any new, potentially interesting rumors that popped up. Pretty much the status quo, with the same names, teams, and minimal movement. But there was one big piece of news at least. Exciting news to boot, and that's what leads off our links for today.

1. Juan Nicasio faced live hitters and is on track to pitch in spring training! Denver Post

This is absolutely sensational news, but I guess we shouldn't be surprised considering the fearlessness and the toughness Nicasio showed on the mound last season. Still, to think about how devastating Nicasio's injury had the potential to be, compared to where he is now, it's remarkable. Go get'em, Juan!

2. Here's an update on former Rockies prospect Ben Petrick's battle with Parkinson's Disease. ESPN E:60

3. Remembering Aaron Cook and his sinker. RoxPile