Saturday, July 3, 2010

Lineup Card: Rockies vs Giants

Rockies Lineup (43-37)

  • CF Fowler
  • 2B Herrera
  • LF Gonzalez
  • 1B Mora
  • RF Spilborghs
  • C   Olivo
  • SS Barmes
  • 3B Stewart
  • P   Jimenez
Helton should go on the DL and rest until after the all-star break if he can't get on the field.  The Rockies kinda need the roster flexibility but more important than that, it seems like Todd really needs the rest.  

On a related note, hopefully Mora learned 1B learn #1: Never anticipate a good throw.  Always be ready for the worst.  

Giants Lineup (40-39)
  • LF Torres
  • 2B Sanchez
  • RF Huff
  • 3B Sandoval
  • SS Uribe
  • C   Posey
  • 1B Ishikawa
  • CF Roward
  • P   Zito
Giants still seeking a good formula offensively.  Hopefully Jimenez is on his absolute best game tonight and it doesn't which buttons Bruce Bochy attempts to push.

My Projected NL All-Star Roster

National League Starting

1B Albert Pujols -- St. Louis
2B Martin Prado -- Atlanta
3B David Wright - New York
SS Hanley Ramirez -- Florida
C Yadier Molina -- St. Louis
OF Ryan Braun -- Milwaukee
OF Andre Ethier -- Los Angeles
OF Jayson Werth -- Philadelphia
DH Joey Votto -- Cincinnati
SP Ubaldo Jimenez -- Colorado


1B Adrian Gonzalez -- San Diego
1B Ryan Howard -- Philadelphia
2B Brandon Phillips -- Cincinnati
3B Scott Rolen -- Cincinnati
SS Jose Reyes -- New York
C Miguel Olivo -- Colorado
OF Carlos Gonzalez -- Colorado
OF Carlos Lee -- Houston
OF Andrew McCutchen -- Pittsburgh
OF Colby Rasmus -- St. Louis
OF Chris Young -- Arizona

Corey Hart is probably the most glaring omission in most people's eyes. Listen, the Brewers pretty much blow if you're honest about it. They already get Braun and I also give them Gallardo below. Two is more than enough Brewers.

Besides that, Houston, Arizona and Pittsburgh are each required to have an all-star. The guys I picked for each happen to play OF. There's no way in hell i'm putting Hart on over Gonzalez or Rasmus. The other thing would be to squeeze off Ryan Howard.

No thanks. Corey Hart can stay home.


SP Chris Carpenter -- St. Louis
SP Yovani Gallardo -- Milwaukee
SP Jaime Garcia -- St. Louis
SP Roy Halladay -- Philadelphia
SP Josh Johnson -- Florida
SP Mat Latos -- San Diego
SP Tim Lincecum -- San Francisco
SP Stephen Strasburg -- Washington
SP Adam Wainwright -- St. Louis

RP Heath Bell -- San Diego
RP Jonathan Broxton -- Los Angeles
RP Carlos Marmol -- Chicago
RP Billy Wagner -- Atlanta

Strasburg gets the nod as Washington's selection. It could also be Ryan Zimmerman or Matt Capps... but come on, there's no buzz surrounding those two. Plus, you know, an inning of Strasburg late could honestly make a difference in the game.

Of course not all of these pitchers will be available based on the new pitching rules and what not, so these are all just very loose projections.