Saturday, March 26, 2011

Spring Training Game 28: Hits, Misses & Foul Tips

Rockies 4, A's 1 (boxscore)


Carlos Gonzalez

I was kinda hoping CarGo would go homerless in the spring, make everyone wonder what the heck was going on, and then jack like three on opening day. Oh well. I'll just settle for the three on opening day.

Chris Iannetta

I felt bad for leaving him off the hit list after homering last night. That won't happen again tonight because he collected three more basehits. Chris is in a really good place right now offensively, and doing good things defensively. Cross your fingers this carries over.

Jason Hammel

Good. Really good. Worked out of a pretty big jam in the first inning and it was smooth sailing after that against Oakland's A lineup. He's well past that disaster outing against Texas and ready to go.


Matt Reynolds

Little bit of a setback for Reynolds after a string of good outings. I suppose this leaves the door open for Eric Stults or Rex Brothers to steal his spot. It will be interesting to see how Jim Tracy and Dan O'Dowd want to play this. The only guy in the mix guaranteed to make it is Franklin Morales because he's pitching well enough to warrant the opportunity and there's this thing where he's out of options.

Foul Tips

Ian Stewart

How often has a base runner been involved in three rundowns in the same game? Well, not counting Little League obviously. It sounded like one was missed sign on a possible squeeze with Fowler at the plate. The other two sounded like they were more of the aggressive base running type. And he got the extra base on one of them after an Oakland error.