Thursday, July 28, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Aaron Cook is alive... and the Dodgers stink

That would be the simplest way to recap Wednesday's win, but I'll go a little further.

Rockies 3, Dodgers 1 (boxscore)

I'll never argue with a win under any circumstances,.and I'll give credit to Aaron Cook where it's due. He threw ball well, got about a dozen groundouts and didn't kill himself with the base on balls. That's how the gameplan has always been drawn up for Aaron. When executed (especially against punch less offense) he succeeds and sometimes even dominates like this one.

Breaking: The Rockies have extended pitcher Aaron Cook's contract through the year 2018.

Only kidding. Dan O'Dowd hasn't gone that far off the deep end yet. And if he was really smart, I think about the sixth inning he should have sent out a mass email to every other GM letting them know what was going on and emphasizing his asking price for Aaron was still pay for his airfare and we'll call it even.

Three more positives

1. Troy Tulowitzki: A three hit night for Troy. Two of those with two outs and RISP. Productive at-bats to be sure, but more so encouraging to me because he wasn't afraid to work a count and was actually seemed focused on going back up the middle. Good to see.