Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Youth and justice are served in thrilling victory

The Colorado Rockies are playing out at the string at this point. Actually, that started a couple months ago, but the recent sweep at the hands of Arizona made it officially official, though not technically official.


Once we get to this miserable place with nothing to truly invest ourselves in as fans, watching the Rockies (or any team) can be torturous (especially the Rockies). However, on this unusual Tuesday, they actually gave us reason (two, actually) to not only invest our precious time and energy, but they also rewarded us with one of their most exciting victories of the season.

I mean it.

Rockies 8, Diamondbacks 3 (boxscore)

Of course the first seven and one half innings looked exactly like every other Rockies snooze fest. General sloppiness in the field, sleepiness from the offense, and seemingly every possible bounce or call going against them. But the offense absolutely erupted in the bottom of the 8th; where they scored a season high seven runs on seven hits with the added assistance of two walks and one HBP.

And the best part of that particular inning? All seven runs crossed with two outs. So that means every plate appearance after Dexter Fowler's fielder's choice (1st in the order) until Mark Ellis' flyout (2nd in the order, but one full time around the lineup later), was a clutch/quality/pretty damn exciting plate appearance.