Sunday, March 18, 2012

Spring Training Hits & Misses: Game 17 vs. Seattle


Jordan Pacheco

With only four innings of play in the books, Pacheco's two walk day was easily the best among Rockies players offensively. He also gunned out an attempted base stealer named Chone Figgins (fast), so he definitely made the most of the limited action.


Mother Nature

The people of Arizona may disagree with me because they obviously needed the rain, but come on, it's a rare chance to watch some spring training action live and she ruined it. She could have waited at least another two hours!

Got Their Work In

Tyler Chatwood

Chatwood's outing highlighted why the Rockies like him — three scoreless innings to start — while also reminding them why the 22-year-old will need some extra minor league seasoning before contributing. His fourth inning was little rough around the edges, and not exactly smooth on the inside either.