Friday, January 14, 2011

No Rockies on Sunday Night Baseball? No problem!

-- Was I surprised to see the Colorado Rockies weren't included in the initial Sunday Night Baseball scheduled released by ESPN?

Honestly, yes. They may not come from a big market, but there is finally some legitimate star power on the team that the entire country seems interested in seeing. Match them up with the Giants or Cardinals (Gonzalez vs Holliday), and I could easily see fans tuning in for that.

Was I disappointed they weren't included?

Hell. No. The more I can avoid ESPN the better!

Early ESPN Sunday Night Baseball Schedule

-- In reference to the Rockies recent signing of reliever Sean White -- in addition to their earlier trade for Jose Lopez -- I read a comment on Twitter that said the Rockies will soon acquire every player from the Seattle Mariners that their fan base hates.

That's impossible. There's not enough room in the Rockies organization to fit 90% of Seattle's 40-man roster. Seriously. That's a mess up there in Seattle. Aside from that, ever heard the phrase one team's trash is another team's treasure?

Maybe it doesn't go exactly like that, but Dan O'Dowd has made treasures out of trash before. I'm sure there's not a day that goes by where he doesn't thank the Kansas City Royals for Jorge De La Rosa. Or the Cincinnati Reds for giving up on Matt Belisle. Maybe he'll be thanking the Mariners times two in a few months.

-- The Rockies also signed Claudio Vargas to a minor league contract with an invite to spring training. You won't find a better male figure skating name than Claudio Vargas. I think I'll judge his ST outings on a corrupt points system.

-- Congratulations to Jeff Francis on landing in Kansas City with a guaranteed one-year/$2 million deal. Not a bad deal at all for him considering what he's gone through.

I read on Rotoworld right after that Francis will immediately become the Royals ace. I LOLed for a few seconds before the realization set in that that wasn't a joke. I wish him well regardless.

-- Dexter Fowler tweeted on Tuesday that he was hanging out with Andruw Jones and talking to Jones about playing outfield with the Rockies. Okie. Does this mean Dexter isn't a big fan of Ryan Spilborghs, who would likely be moved to make room for Jones if he were pegged to make the roster?

Not likely, but I honestly wouldn't mind an upgrade over Spilly as the Rockies 4.5ish outfielder. Andruw Jones, however, wouldn't be that upgrade at this stage of his career. I actually wanted Cody Ross way back in August, before he turned into Andruw Jones circa 2005 in the postseason.

That version of Jones I would gladly take... or Ross for that matter.

-- I was so happy going into the Carlos Gonzalez press conference I could have hugged a Scott Boras. Then Scott Boras started talking and wouldn't stop talking so that feeling quickly passed.

Like I said last week, though, feel free to hug a Monfort or an O'Dowd.

-- Good piece by Rox Girl over at Purple Row on the Rockies Rocky Mountain Way of doing business.

-- And finally this week, congratulations to Drew Goodman for being named the Colorado Sportscaster of the Year for the 8th time! He beat out another tough field that included... we'll get back to you on that.

In the meantime, we're awaiting word on the Montana Sportscaster of the Year.