Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Somebody Please Hide Giambi's Glove

Nationals 6, Rockies 4

Official Scorer

Official Ruling: I hereby overrule the original scoring of a basehit for Adam Duun in the first inning. That will now be viewed as an E3. Error on Jason Giambi.

Losing Player: Jason Giambi

I can't take another inning of Giambi playing first base for the Colorado Rockies. It's hideous.

Yes, we truly have been spoiled by Todd Helton's ability to make every play look easy, I admit that much, but Giambi can't even make the most basic of plays.  He has no side-to-side range. He has no clue how to play a hop. He's just a stiff out there. The truest form of a stiff you'll find playing defensive in MLB.

Running Thoughts: Hammel vs. Lannan

Some early notes.

-- Todd Helton gets a rest ahead of tomorrow's matchup with Livan Hernandez.  Helton is a ridiculous 33-for-69 against the big man, so it's Giambi tonight in the three-hole against a tough lefty.

-- Ian Stewart gets a well deserved blow in favor of Melvin Mora.  Mora really earned the start with his three hit performance last night.  Wouldn't be a bit shocked to see him spell Ian or Clint Barmes more against lefties going forward.

-- We also welcome Chris Iannetta back into our lives this evening. I'm calling a home run.  

First pitch is on its way!

The patch honoring Keli McGregor

Looking Ahead: To A Winning Streak

Let's rattle off a few wins here shall we?

Won't be easy with Washington's clear cut ace, John Lannan, on the mound. Lannan is far from what you'd call a dominant ace, but has his nights where he's on and can shut down anyone. Hopefully this won't be one of those nights.

I believe the Rockies come in with a little edge as they saw a similar, though far less talented, version of Lannan last night in Scott Olsen. I'm sure Lannan will make some adjustments from the gameplan Olsen used, but the Rockies should probably stick to theirs. I wouldn't even be opposed to them using the same lineup.

We know that won't happen.