Friday, July 23, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Cook & Olivo Go Together Like...


Fire and Gasoline.

Have you noticed that?

I started to notice it on Sunday when Cook was completely in charge against the best offense in the NL. Chris Iannetta called all those pitches.

Get Miguel Olivo back out there against another good offense -- though one that's been struggling -- annnnd we're back to the Aaron Cook who looks lost on a pitching mound.

I'm not the stat guy around here... but here are those numbers updated after tonight.

  • Cook with Iannetta -- 5 starts, 32 IP, 3.09 ERA
  • Cook with Olivo -- 13 starts, 74.2 IP, 5.30 ERA

That's a pretty dramatic difference. Dramatic enough that you would think a manager that "pushes all the right buttons" (as Troy Renck likes to remind us only when Tracy's decisions work out), would notice it and maybe adjust his catching rotation to match Cook up with the catcher he's comfortable with.


Wouldn't have mattered much tonight anyways. Roy Halladay was in cruise control from pitch #1 to pitch #116.

Not even sure he broke a sweat until he covered first base on Fowler's groundout in the 8th.

The Rockies offense had maybe one almost significant threat that really didn't stand a chance with Miguel "Gun Show" Olivo and Brad Hawpe hitting with RISP.  They are the opposite of locked in right now.

Silver Lining?

Well... again... I like what Manny Corpas is doing.  I don't know what his role is exactly.  As David Martin pointed out on his Twitter tonight, Jim Tracy might not know Manny's role either.
Dear Mr Corpas, You are going to be my mop up guy, my one inning guy, and every now and then a setup guy. At the same time. -Jim Tracy
But I do like that Manny is at least throwing the ball well.  He will continue to do so until Jim Tracy wears his arm again sometime in the second week of August.


Ubaldo Jimenez vs Kyle Kendrick

Do I even need to tell you how important the game is?  This pitching matchup (on paper) is a huge mismatch in the Rockies favor.  But can they take advantage of that?  Or will Kyle Kendrick just be the latest scuffling pitcher to baffle the Rockies lineup?

Tune in to FOX... yes, FOX... to find out.

Lineup Card: Rockies @ Phillies

Rockies Lineup (51-44)

  • CF  Fowler
  • SS  Herrera
  • RF  Gonzalez
  • 1B  Giambi
  • 2B  Mora
  • LF  Smith
  • 3B  Stewart
  • C   Olivo
  • P    Cook
Been a long time since Clint Barmes received a day off.  The reason... Melvin Mora in the only backup IF.  

An Aaron Cook start and we're looking at Giambi, Mora on the right side, with Johnny Herrera making a rare SS appearance on the other side.  My hope?  Phillies hit everything on the ground to Stewart.  

I thought Iannetta might play again with Olivo slumping and Cook having just caught a Cook shutout. Shows what I know.  

Phillies Lineup (49-46)
  • SS  Rollins
  • 3B  Polanco
  • LF  Ibanez
  • 1B  Howard
  • CF  Werth
  • RF  Gload
  • C    Ruiz
  • 2B  Valdez
  • P    Halladay
That pain in the ass Carlos Ruiz.  He's the guy you have to look out for.