Saturday, December 17, 2011

Questions fly after Rockies sign Michael Cuddyer

Did the Rockies overpay?

Did the Rockies sign the right guy?

How much can he actually help?

Will he make enough of an impact to make it worthwhile?

All questions being asked by Rockies fans on Friday after they signed Michael Cuddyer to a three-year, $31.5 million contract.

Honestly, all questions Rockies fans would have been asking regardless of who Dan O'Dowd had signed with the available money.

Fact is, every free agent signing is a gamble to some degree with the absurd salaries these players are earning. Each of them have their upside. Each of them have their downside. And believe me, we know that downside better than anyone after the disasters of Mike Hampton and Denny Neagle a decade ago.

Even though a lot of you are saying you would have spent the money a different way, you would have questioned that move just the same had it happened. And that's OK. It's a natural reaction. It's tough to get away from those bad memories, or how far it set the Rockies back. But we have to. And we have to give O'Dowd a chance to do his job.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Rockies Winter Meeting Review

The 2011 Winter Meetings are behind us now, and while the Colorado Rockies did not add a large piece to their damaged puzzle, they did subtract two of their least popular players while adding some depth and freeing up enough cash to make themselves a player for Michael Cuddyer or a key starting pitcher.

Here's a quick review.


-- Claimed Jamie Hoffman off waivers from the Los Angeles Dodgers

Hoffman is your typical AAAA player. He's a pretty good defender from all accounts, but at age 27 has yet to take a step forward offensively. He'll compete for a bench job in spring training. His odds of making (in the Ryan Spilborghs role) will depend on who else the Rockies add in the coming weeks.


-- Acquired RHP Kevin Slowey from Minnesota Twins for minor league pitcher Daniel Turpen

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Townie's Take: Eric Young Jr. and the trade of Chris Iannetta

-- Should I apologize for my sorta harsh words about Eric Young Jr. and his odd dismissal from his Venezualan League team?

Young issued a statement over the weekend explaining that his team failed to provide a family member that flew in on Thanksigiving Day the proper transportation from the airport. Young then took matters into his owns hands, citing safety concerns after the kidnapping of Wilson Ramos, and drove to the airport himself. Of course the flight of his family member was delayed, which forced Young to miss the first four innings of the that day's scheduled game.

Strange story. I was admittedly too quick to pass judgment, but the whole thing still feels kinda weird. Not that I don't believe Young or all of the circumstances he explained, but seriously, what the hell? And what about an explanation for the other alleged late arrival to the ballpark?

Anyway, I apologize for not waiting for Young to explain himself and for calling his actions embarrassing. That's probably not true. However, I do not apologize for saying he was at least partially fired for being bad at baseball or that I'm not all that interested in watching him play for the Rockies again next season.

Sorry. Not sorry.

-- Fallout from the trade of Chris Iannetta.