Sunday, March 6, 2011

Spring Training Game 8: Hits, Misses & Foul Tips

Rockies 3, Indians 1 (boxscore)


Ty Wigginton

As I've said before on Twitter, Wigginton replaces Melvin Mora as the professional hitter/jack-of-all-trades defender. The good news? He's a much better version of Melvin Mora at this stage of his career in both roles, so this will prove to be a nice upgrade.

Dexter Fowler

Here's another guy that can benefit greatly from Carney Lansford's addition to the coaching staff. So much untapped potential here, and I believe today (two doubles, walk) is a great example of what Dex can be capable of if he completely embraces what Lansford teaches him.

Huston Street

Everybody worried about Huston Street can breath a little easier. He looked fine today setting the Indians down in order in the 4th inning.


In addition to Street's scoreless frame; Matt Reynolds, Sean White, Matt Daley (team's only strikeout), Billy Buckner and Alan Johnston each tossed a scoreless inning of their own to preserve the 3-1 victory. Nice job by all those guys.


Chris Iannetta

Iannetta struggled at the dish going 0-for-3 with two strikeouts. No reason to get too worked up though, it was a light day for misses so I had to find something.

Foul Tips

Jason Hammel

Hammel didn't produce an overwhelming line this afternoon, but seems to be in a good place overall for early March. Hopefully that arrows continues pointing up as we get closer to opening day.

The Rockies are still lucky to have a pitcher of his abilities occupying a spot towards the back of the rotation. Sure, he's no Cole Hamels pitching out of the #4 spot, but he's better and more reliable than most 4's and some 3's.