Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Lineup Card: 7-26-11 Rockies @ Dodgers

If you're looking for Rockies game lineups and you don't feel like searching all over Twitter or waiting for MLB.com to post them, check back to Heaven & Helton about 30-60 minutes before first pitch. They should be here waiting for you every night game and some afternoon games.


Colorado Rockies (48-55)
  1. CF Dexter Fowler
  2. 3B Jonathan Herrera
  3. 1B Todd Helton
  4. SS Troy Tulowitzki
  5. LF Ty Wigginton
  6. 2B Mark Ellis
  7. RF Ryan Spilborghs
  8. C   Chris Iannetta
  9. P   Jhoulys Chacin
Short of Jhoulys Chacin throwing a 10-inning shutout, is there a good reason to believe the Rockies will beat Clayton Kershaw tonight? I can't think of one.

Lackluster Recrap: At least we aren't the Dodgers. Oh, wait...

I can't even make Dodgers jokes anymore. That's how abysmal things have gotten in this miserable, depressing, atrocious 2011 season. If they sweep this series, which I wouldn't want to bet money against, they will pass the Rockies in the standings. Even if that doesn't happen, just the beating they gave the Rockies tonight is disheartening enough.

Make this **** stop.

Dodgers 8, Rockies 5 (boxscore)

I seriously had no idea what I was going to write about tonight. Then I saw this tweet from David Martin over at @RockiesReview.

Writing about the #Rockies is an easy job...copy. paste. repeat.

Here's what I'm going to do. Instead of copying and pasting my own past rantings, I'll just copy and paste a link directly to David's recap of Monday's game. He always tells it like it is, and this article is no different as he breaks down Troy Tulowitzki's continued struggles in clutch situations.

Enjoy that. But before you go there, check out the positives I found in Monday's loss. Alright, so I really had to stretch for these, but I did find three this time!

Three positives

1. The Rockies scored first: It all happened with two outs in the 2nd. Chris Iannetta rolled a single up the middle. Juan Nicasio then singled sharply down the right field line, moving Iannetta to third. And then Dexter Fowler plated the run with his own single. 1-0 Rockies.