Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Running Thoughts: Smith vs Maine

Carlos Gonzalez is out of the lineup but may be alright to pinch-hit.  Seth Smith starts and hits lead-off.  Miguel Olivo is back behind the plate, which means Chris Iannetta has played one time in the last 7 days.  Not going to lie, that's starting to piss me off.

Can't decide if I want to watch the Rockies feed or the Mets.  Probably end up going back and forth.

1st Pitch on its way.

1st Inning

  • Jim Tracy grades his team at a C+ through the first week.  That's a + too generous in my opinion.  
  • 22 pitch inning for Smith results in two strikeouts, a walk, but no damage.  Mets batters works some deep counts on him though, so that could factor in next time through the lineup.  
  • Two out action for the Rockies: Helton singles on an 0-2 pitch, Tulo walks on four pitches, and Hawpe pulls his first pitch down the line for a 2-run double.  
  • Rockies all now scored first in all seven games. Rockies 2, Mets 0
2nd Inning
  • Brad Hawpe leaves the game with an undisclosed something or other.  Lovely.  
  • Smith with a low pitch 1-2-3 second.  Nice shutdown inning.  
  • It wasn't pretty but Greg Smith gets a bunt down.  Rockies 2nd and 3rd, 1 out here.  Top of the order.  
  • Horrendous AB by Seth Smith.  Pops to short.  Fowler flies out weakly to center.

Looking Ahead: Meet The Mets

For now, at least, they aren't a total mess.

Not that they're good either. I picked them 4th in the NL East, and they come to Denver after a 2-4 homestand that was capped with back-to-back ugly losses to Washington. Ick.

Aside from Carlos Beltran, Luis Castillo and Daniel Murphy, they appear to be as healthy as the Rockies have seen them in three years. Jose Reyes is back in there. Johan Santana is healthy, but we won't see him. And David Wright, who debuted his Marvin The Martian helmet last season in Denver, has completely shaken the cobwebs from Matt Cain's fastball.

They added Jason Bay, Jeff Francoeur, Mike Jacobs and held onto a guy the Rockies were very interested in this offseason in Fernando Tatis, so the offense will be capable of putting some hits together. And yes, stringing those hits together is important because there's not a whole lot of 1st-to-3rd athleticism amongst that group.