Friday, May 21, 2010

Roster Questions

How many more days can Jim Tracy justify sitting Dexter Fowler?

Just play him. With an offense that has no life or means of bunching hits together, you need his presence. You need his speed. And honestly, you need his plate discipline. That's not to say his is great, but it's a lot better than CarGo's or Ian Stewart's or Clint Barmes' or Miguel Olivo's or you get the point.

How many more days can Matt Daley waste away in AAA?

Esmil Rogers isn't really cut out for this reliever thing. He's great if he retires everybody, but any kind of error or basehit sends him into disaster inning mode. Those don't just kill games, those damage team confidence/morale/bullpen flexibility.

Rock Solid Recrap: Avoiding A Royally Cliched Headline

Unfortunately the Rockies couldn't avoid another cliched performance from their woeful offense.

Royals 9, Rockies 2

There is no losing player tonight. There's an entire losing team that has zero fire and zero guts.

It continues to be sad and frustrating to watch them be satisfied simply going through the motions against awful teams they should be mauling and taking advantage of.

This is the easiest effing roadtrip the Rockies have all season.

Hell, it might be the easiest roadtrip they've had in five years.

Cubs, Astros and Royals.


The Rockies offense has been shutdown by the likes of Carlos Silva, Randy Wells, Felipe Paulino and Brian Bannister this week. These aren't exactly the Tim Lincecum's and Dan Haren's of the world, folks. Jim Tracy can't ramble on his pregame radio show about the talented NL West arms holding the offense down.

Lineup Card: Game 1 @ Kansas City

Nothing better than some hot Interleague Action in Kansas City.

It's easy to assume Kansas City stinks... because they do.  But the Cubs and Astros aren't exactly contenders either... and we know the problems that happened there.  There's no reason this series can't or won't go the same frustrating way if the Rockies leave the door open for bad things to happen.

Rockies Lineup

  • CF Gonzalez 
  • DH Giambi
  • 1B Helton
  • SS Tulowitzki
  • RF Hawpe
  • C   Olivo
  • LF Spilborghs
  • 3B Stewart
  • 2B Barmes
Jason Hammel pitches.  

Last night I mentioned my Helton hitting second idea again.  So naturally Giambi hits there tonight.  Seriously, if Tracy has totally soured on Fowler, which he clearly has, move Helton up to 2.  Of course my whole reasoning for that idea is to put Gonzalez in an RBI spot, but Tracy doesn't see the value in that either.  

Royals Lineup
  • LF Podsednik
  • 2B Aviles
  • RF DeJesus
  • 1B Butler
  • DH Guillen
  • 3B Callaspo
  • CF Maier
  • SS Betancourt
  • C   Kendall
Brian Bannister pitches.  The Rockies offense has a golden opportunity to snap out of their collective funk against this guy.  Seriously.  Nothing about Bannister is impressive.  

KC has a pretty decently balanced lineup card.  2-6 can do some damage.  Aviles is on fire right now.  DeJesus and Butler are professional hitters.  Jose Guillen is streaky veteran that tore up in April, but not so much May.  Still, he could have a big series.  

The guy to really watch is Alberto Callaspo.  Arizona gave up on him last year and that completely shocked a lot of people... me included.  He's off to a good start on his breakout season in 2010.  I also recall him being a pest against Colorado in a handful of appearances.