Friday, September 10, 2010

Lineup Card: Rockies vs Diamondbacks

Must.  Stay.  Focused.  

Been a problem for the Rockies more than once against Arizona this season. Can't afford that to be a problem tonight or this weekend.

Rockies Lineup (76-64)
  1. 2B  Young
  2. CF  Fowler
  3. LF  Gonzalez
  4. SS  Tulowitzki
  5. 3B  Mora
  6. 1B  Helton
  7. RF  Spilborghs
  8. C    Olivo
  9. P    De La Rosa
Diamondbacks Lineup (57-83)
  1. SS  Drew
  2. LF  Ryal
  3. 2B  Johnson
  4. CF  Young
  5. 1B  LaRoche
  6. 3B  Reynolds
  7. C    Montero
  8. RF  Parra
  9. P    Saunders
Miguel Montero and Gerardo Parra are the two guys who makes this lineup more dangerous than any team with a 57-83 record should be.  Respect the hell out of those two guys.