Thursday, March 11, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 10

Rangers 16, Rockies 5  (Boxscore)


Brad Hawpe

He played!  He didn't foul one of his infect toenail!  He even had two doubles.  

Andrew Johnston

The only Rockie to throw a complete scoreless inning on Thursday.  He's a darkhouse, folks.  He now has three scoreless innings on the spring, and he could provide the bullpen spark that Matt Daley provided last season should the Rockies need one.  Keep an eye on him.

Thank You Todd! Thank You Rockies!

I've been hoping for this day for almost two years.  The day where Todd Helton would put his money where his mouth is.  The day where Todd wouldn't just say winning a World Series meant everything, but he would actually show us how much it meant to him.

Today... Todd Helton showed us how much it means.

And for his sacrfice, the Rockies have guaranteed him two more years under contract.  As many Rockies pal on Twitter @  said "It's a win-win situation."

It really is.

Todd will still get paid, which he obviously deserves to be, and the Rockies gain flexibility to re-sign or add players that will keep this team in contention for the forseeable future.  It cannot be understated how important this restructering is.