Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Jeremy Guthrie is first class all the way

Put aside any baseball opinions you may have had about the Rockies acquiring Jeremy Guthrie during the offseason, because you're about to learn why the Rockies new de facto ace on the pitching mound is a real life ace of a human being. 

This afternoon, a game of catch broke out on the infield at Coors Field. Involved in that game of catch was Guthrie, and the person on the other end was one of Colorado's most loyal sports fans by the name of Woody Roseland.

It started out an open invitation from Guthrie via his Twitter feed.

Within minutes, Roseland, a five-time cancer survivor, answered Guthrie's call.

And shortly thereafter a once-in-a-lifetime moment of playing catch with a major league baseball player in a major league stadium was arranged and lived out at 20th and Blake.

Simply awesome.

In a season the Rockies have labeled the Year of the Fan, it's obvious that Jeremy Guthrie gets it. But I don't think he needed the team currently employing him to put that message on banners and in TV commercials to remind him how important the fans are to what he does for a living. Giving back to fans is a motto Guthrie has lived by his entire career, and would honor regardless of where he's playing or who's around him.

He's just a first class human being. One we should be proud to have representing the Colorado Rockies.

And we should be equally proud and honored to have a person as determined, strong and loyal as Woody Roseland sharing our passion for those Rockies. His story will amaze you, and I encourage you all to go check it out right now at his webpage woodyroseland.com.

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