Friday, September 17, 2010

Lineup Card: Rockies @ Dodgers

The Rockies are fighting to survive in 2010.  

The Dodgers are already looking ahead to 2011 (Joe Torre out, Don Mattingly in).

The Rockies have to take advantage of this dead team walking.  Get them down early and hope they fold like they did last night against Jonathan Sanchez and the Giants.  I'm serious, those hitters looked like they wanted nothing to do with standing in there against a hard throwing lefty.  I doubt they would look anymore forward to taking ABs against Ubaldo down by 3-4 runs.

Gets on these guys.  Stay on them.

Rockies Lineup (80-66)
  1. 2B  Young
  2. CF  Fowler
  3. RF  Gonzalez
  4. SS  Tulowitzki
  5. 1B  Helton
  6. 3B  Mora
  7. LF  Smith
  8. C    Olivo
  9. P    Jimenez
Dodgers Lineup (72-75)
  1. SS  Furcal
  2. 2B  Theriot
  3. RF  Ethier
  4. 1B  Loney
  5. LF  Gibbons
  6. 3B  Blake
  7. CF  Kemp
  8. C    Ellis
  9. P    Kuroda