Friday, June 1, 2012

May Review and Player Rankings

May Record: 10-18 

The Rockies followed their 8-20 month of May in 2011 with an almost equally dreadful May this season. The only thing that saved it was the four-game sweep over Houston that ended it. Simply not good enough, but at least the arrow isn't pointing straight down heading into June.

Overall Record: 21-29 

No sense even looking at the standings until they break even. And we're still a long way from that.

May Swing Games: 4-6

Wins (Game They Could Have Lost)
Losses (Games They Should Have Won)
The fact their record looks pretty good in swing games speaks to how poorly they pitched in so many of those 18 losses. They just weren't competitive in too many of them, almost entirely because of the team's starting pitching issues. The decent record here is also aided by the much improved hitting at the end of the month stole them a couple big wins over Houston.