Saturday, July 21, 2012

Reflection, Perspective, And A Quick Recap

The past 24 hours have served as a sobering reminder of just how precious life is, and how quickly lives, outlooks and perspectives can change.

Around 11 PM on Thursday night, I began working on an article for Big League Stew that centered around the Colorado Rockies spinning their attempts to silence fan discontent as a security issue. I felt passionate about this topic and believe me, I didn't hold back on my feelings in one of the lengthier posts I've written this season.

A couple hours later, I put the finishing touches on the article and submitted it to our editor.

Not 10 minutes after that I saw the first flashes of breaking news on Twitter. I immediately turned the television to CNN and found a couple local Denver news streams to get a better idea of what was happening. Once I understood the scale of the horrific event, I immediately felt retroactive guilt for writing the article I'd just completed on the Rockies. Hours later, I would be relieved when the obvious decision to shelf it was made, because that story just wasn't important anymore .

Their decision to ban fans from wearing paper bags on their heads, which had been my sole focus for the past several hours, was just that quickly reduced to it's actual level of importance in mine, yours and our world: Zilch.

The Rockies dismal season and road to 100 losses: No fun, but it won't truly change our lives one way or the other. It's baseball.

I was reminded again of what's really important.