Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 9

Royals 5, Rockies 0  (Boxscore)


Jeff Francis

Healthy, sharp and effective for three scoreless innings.  That is a HUGE step forward for Jeff Francis.  The next step is gaining the arm strength while maintaining the health, sharpness and effectiveness.  I'm sure his confidence has to be at it's highest point in about 18 months.  Big day for him. 

I also saw a picture of Francis showing off a little stubble on his face.  That's almost as big a news story as his return to form on this Wednesday afternoon.  Great news all around.  

Tim Redding

Geez, that was a pretty dominant three innings for Redding today.  No runs, only one hit allowed, and three strikeouts.  At the end of the week I plan on ranking the Rockies starting pitching candidates as they stand right now.  Redding will be an interesting guy to rank.  He's doing his best to make the coaching staff think about it at least.