Sunday, March 11, 2012

Spring Training Hits & Misses: Split Squad Sunday


Jamie Moyer vs. White Sox

He's 49 years old. He can't touch 83 MPH on a good day. Yet he's retiring major league hitters with efficiency so far this spring, and he's NOT walking anybody. Lessons definitely to be learned there for young Rockies pitchers. I don't know how much Moyer has to give on the field, but I'll continue tipping my cap to him for professional performances like this one (Three innings, one run, three hits and two strikeouts).

Marco Scutaro & Jason Giambi vs. White Sox

Speaking of professional performances from veterans, Marco Scutaro and Jason Giambi each delivered one of their own against Chicago. For Scutaro, it was a double, two walks and a run scored. For Giambi, a single, double, one run and one RBI. At this point, the only question for either heading into the season is how many games they'll be asked to play.


Dexter Fowler vs. Milwaukee

Fowler hit a long right-handed home run the other day (I was impressed but not thrilled), but has done little else this spring. In fact, his 0-for-3 dropped his average to .071. It's not something to get worried about yet, but there's little doubt Fowler wanted to get off to a stronger start than this. We'll keep a close a eye on his progress.

Spring Training Hits & Misses: Game 7 vs. Kansas City


Brandon Wood

The Rockies offense is kind of sputtering along over the first week of spring training games, so basically any player with multiple hits will be recognized with a Hit until it starts to become a regular occurrence. In this case it was infield hopeful Brandon Wood, who singled, doubled, tripled and knocked home one of the Rockies two runs in three plate appearances.

My cousin's wedding

I had a really nice time at my cousin Kate's wedding on Saturday. The ceremony was presided over by their youth pastor, who played a part in introducing them 11 years ago, so it was cool hearing him tell their story with a personal touch and perspective. I also spent most of the reception tracking the Colorado/Arizona Pac 12 Championship Game with my cousin Andy (an Arizona graduate). He took the outcome well, but did not send along any congratulations. I wished them well in the NIT.


Christian Friedrich

After starting his spring with a Hit worthy outing last Xday, I noted that consistency would go a long for Friedrich if he planned on working himself back into the Rockies long term plans. Well, guess what? He took a step back. In three innings, Friedrich allowed four runs (three earned) on five hits and a walk. The three strikeouts were nice, but again it's the inability to string promising performances together that has everyone doubting what once seemed to be undoubtable (new word) talent.