Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Rock Solid Recap: Rockies finish strong, win third in last 14

It doesn't matter how awful, disappointing or discouraging a season has been, it's always nice to win games. That's especially true on the final day of the season... against the team you dislike the most.

Rockies 6, Giants 3 (boxscore)

So what if the Giants won the six matchups before the last one? Big deal! We got the last one! And really, so what if the Rockies won 3 of their last 14? They still take more momentum into this offseason than last year!

Anyway, pointless bragging aside, it sure was nice watching Drew Pomeranz finish his season strongly.

His line: 5 2/3 IP, 6 H, 3 ER, 0 BB, 3 K, 0 HR, 72 pitches (49 strikes)

The three earned runs easily could have been one, but Matt Lindstrom allowed two of his inherited runners to score. But the big numbers to look at once again are the 0 walks and the 0 home runs. It's not impossible, but it's MUCH more difficult for any opposing offense to beat you with 0's in both of those columns.

Right now, I'll project Pomernanz as at worst the Rockies #3 starter to start 2012, depending on who they add, but could work his way to #1 very quickly. He's a really special talent. He seems to have a head on his shoulders. That really showed in how well he bounced back from the ugly outing in Houston.

Well done, Drew.

Lackluster Recrap: If it's broke, why fix it?

Isn't that the saying? Or did Jim Tracy get it all ass backwards again by not firing a single member of his coaching staff in response to the most disappointing season in Rockies history?

Yes, you heard me, given a reprieve by Dan O'Dowd and the sole power to retool his coaching staff, Tracy elected to fire no one. In other words, the Titanic already hit the iceberg, and now he's not letting anyone leave. You're all going down with him.

Overall, this is a pretty embarrassing and discouraging piece of news. No one is being held accountable for again, the most disappointing season in Rockies history, but not only that -- this team is fundamentally pathetic, players are out of position all the time, players are regressing, pitchers are regressing, others aren't developing.

It's a cesspool, and there's no leadership in the organization beginning at the top with ownership, continuing down through front office, coaches, players and beyond. This decision just reaffirms that, and it guarantees nothing will be different next season either. Seriously, if you have expectations at all for next season, can them. Make them prove it first, and then make them continue to prove it.