My name is Mark Townsend and I'm a lifelong baseball (my life) and Colorado Rockies (their life) fan. I was born, raised and currently live in northwest Illinois. How I became a Rockies fan is a story I'll probably cover at some point down the road.

I've followed them all... from David Nied... to Todd Helton... to Kit Pellow... to father and son EY.

I've experienced the Jim Leyland and Buddy Bell regimes debacles.

I've lived through the Blake Street Bombers, the Hampton & Neagle failures, the speed and defense experiment, rock bottom (2002-2005), and the build from within project that ulrimately (and finally) led this team to success.

I've gone from staying up late on a school nights listening to games fade in and out on 850 KOA... to following boxscores online... to watching every game in high quality on MLB.TV.

Indeed, the Rockies have been a big part of my life for the last 17+ years. I'm now looking forward to making them a bigger part of your life.

By the way... I also write for another baseball intensive site by the name of Bugs & Cranks. You may have heard of it. If not, you should go check it out right now.