Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Huston Street Will Remain Closed

Discourging news indeed out of Rockies camp earlier today, though not unexpected news to me. The red flags were raised early, and when you think back to how Huston was used (possibly abused) last season, this setback almost seemed inevitable.

Now it's just a matter of hoping there's nothing significantly wrong with the ailing shoulder... a shoulder and arm that cost the Rockies a ton of money.

Now we can see why teams, especially teams like the Rockies, are relunctant to hand out big money contracts. Especially long-term, big money contracts to pitchers. Double especially long-term, big money contracts to relievers. More times than not, they end up bad business decisions.

This isn't a bad business decision yet. I hate to guess what it'll look like a month from... or a year from now.

But staying in the here and now...should Rockies fans being panicking at this point?

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Rockies 6, Indians 3 (Boxscore)


Jorge De La Rosa

Jorge has moved comfortably into the #2 spot in Colorado's rotation. How the rotation breaks down behind him is still up in the air. I guess that's a little concerning, but overall the Rockies should be pleased with where their top two starters are heading towards the season.

Chris Iannetta

What a difference a year makes. Last year at this time Iannetta was sitting around doing nothing during the WBC. This season he's come out with some renewed focus and a damn good swing. His 2-run triple today was a game changer, which only counts towards his confidence. But you know what? Besides health, confidence in the spring's most important stat.

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