Saturday, April 10, 2010

Running Thoughts: Hammel vs. Latos


The "A" lineup returns.  Iannetta is back in for Olivo.

1st Inning

  • San Diego already utilizing their third different lead-off man.  That says a lot.  
  • Jason Hammel channels Greg Smith by nibbling around Tony Gwynn Jr.  Please attack him... it's not the old man.  
  • That sneaky Tulowitzki gets in behind Gwynn and the Rockies execute a perfect pickoff.  Gwynn hated the call.  No one cared.  
  • What a play by Chase Headley to throw out Fowler after he lined one off Latos' backside.  Looked like a sure hit.

Looking Ahead: Game 5 (vs San Diego)

Jason Hammel vs. Mat Latos

In four starts against San Diego last season, Jason Hammel averaged under five innings per, with an ugly 5.79 ERA.

Of course there's always a little caveat to these numbers, and in Hammel's case it's that his first two starts, which lasted a total of 6 1/3 innings, both came shortly after his move to the rotation, and also while the Rockies collectively sucked. So we'll just throw those two starts out.

That leaves him with a 6 inning average and a 2.25 ERA. Mhm... that's much better.

Hammel's gameplan tonight should be a rather simple one: Don't let anyone other than Adrian Gonzalez on base.  That way, when Gonzalez hits his inevitable home run, it won't kill you.