Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Please try to enjoy the offseason

I know, it's not always easy and sometimes it's not even possible, but people just get so worked up over every little detail or rumor throughout the hot stove season. And that's a problem, because there are dozens of those coming out every day.

The Rockies are going to be linked to a lot of players. Heck, at one time or another they will likely be mentioned as interested in every single free agent or trade candidate that has a pulse and sound ligaments that isn't in the upper echelon of talent. I know, we want that upper echelon talent coming to Colorado, but spending tons of money on one or two players would do little to help this team anyway.

Then again, spreading the money around to a lot of high-risk/low reward talent won't either. But just because they're linked to a Grady Sizemore or once again to a Jeff Francis, doesn't mean they necessarily sign that player or even really want that player. They just have to cover their bases in case plans don't work.

If Plan A doesn't work, you can't just call Plan B the next day and say hey we're interested now. You have to show interest, establish communication and give yourself options. That goes right on down the line to Plan Z. A lot of those guys know they aren't any teams first option, but that doesn't mean you can ignore them until you reach your desperation point.