Monday, May 24, 2010

Rockies Sign Kaz Matsui...

... to a minor league contract.

Which thankfully means he's not on the 40 man roster.

That's the only part of the deal that excites me.

If he becomes a member of the 40 man roster, or plays in a meaningful game for the Rockies this season, well... we're screwed.

I understand he had a good season in 2007 (which is still three years ago and getting further away).  I know he's a likable guy and all.  But he's so far done it's not even funny.  It's actually sad how done he is.

The Houston Astros (baseball's most desperate team for anything resembling baseball players) just released him.  The Astros didn't have a hot shot young prospect they were clearing playing time for... or a red hot veteran that commanded the job. All they have at second base are journeymen Geoff Blum and Jeff Keppinger.

Couch Time: Don't Trade Morales

Everybody's frustrated by the struggles of Franklin Morales in 2010.

I am. You are. He is. The Rockies are.

By my count, that's everybody.

Frustration (anger, disgust, so forth) often lead the less disciplined to make rash and reactionary decisions.

Example: When you're young, your boyfriend/girlfriend does something that really pisses you off or frustrates you, there's a pretty decent chance you break up with them.

Of course that all changes again a couple days later you talk and things are normal. The door to reconciliation opens up. Sometimes it works out, sometimes it doesn't, but the point is that door remains open despite your reactionary decision.