Saturday, June 4, 2011

Rock Solid Recrap: Sleep deprived recrap

Giants 3, Rockies 1 (boxscore)

About to spend my Saturday on the road traveling to my cousin's graduation in St. Charles, IL, which is where Matt Reynolds grew up and played high school baseball. Aren't you happy for me?

Not sure I'm capable of a quick recrap but we'll see what I can do.

Juan Nicasio: Great fastball. So-so changup. Slider a work in progress. The amazing thing is, his ability now allows him to be successful with that still developing skillset. He can get plenty of hitters out now, and will only get better as he learns. The sad thing is, one or two mistakes with this Rockies offense and you're cooked.

Nicasio was cooked by two hanging sliders. Sad. And he even laced two doubles to help his own cause. Didn't help a bit.

The offense stunk. It's another loss that you can't honestly say included bad luck for the bats either. They just flat didn't hit well enough. End of story.

He... meaning Nicasio... created chances, but they couldn't deliver him. Situational hitting was embarrassing. Stranded too many runners. It wasn't bad luck. Every team plays nine defenders. It's not like the Rockies are catching teams on days when they play twelve in the field. It's all about the little things this team can't do offensively.

And that really does cover it. Quick recrap because it's the same old recrap I have to write five times a week.

I won't be around today as you've already gathered. I'll probably write a RECAP (I hope) Sunday morning... or maybe it'll be blank. All depends on how Saturday goes. Everyone enjoy your day.