Saturday, August 14, 2010

Rock Solid Recrap: Dumb & Dumberer

I couldn't tell which team was which there for a couple innings. I just knew there was a 10 inning baseball game littered with really dumb baseball.

The Brewers are Colorado lite in 2010. Much more talented than their record would indicate, though not as talented as the Rockies. Very sloppy, especially on the base paths and while executing simple things like an intentional walk. And they have some ugly ABs in run scoring situations.

It all looks and sounds very familiar.

And these are your two NL Wild Card teams in the last three seasons. Go senior circuit!

I took a lot of crap from people last year when I would criticize Troy Tulowitzki's base running. Sorry folks. It pretty much is what it is. He's aggressive, yes, but aggressive and smart aren't exactly a happily married couple. They don't hang out very often. And Troy didn't do his part in uniting them this evening.


Jim Tracy completely lost touch with me from the bottom of the 9th on. I couldn't get a good handle on anything he was trying to accomplish.

The 9th inning bunt to move the winning run into scoring position isn't always the worst idea, but I always prefer allowing a clutch run producer like Ryan Spilborghs a chance to be a clutch run producer.

I mean why not? You know 100% of the time once you give away that out the opponent will walk the next guy to set up the DP. You're really not gaining anything. The 90 feet are always nice, but you need 270 there. It still takes a hit to get the job done. And you have one less chance to get that hit, while increasing you chance of one ball in play ending your inning.

Bunt with EY or Fowler or Barmes there. Not Spilly.

Huston Street for more than one inning should never happen unless it's an emergency. He's never been a multiple inning reliever. He's a closer by trade. Closers are pretty much conditioned to put everything they have into their one inning. It was playing with fire, and the fire scorched this time around.

Another baffling thing to me in the bottom of the 10th. Why pinch-hit Smith for Fowler at the top? Why not let the LEAD-OFF freaking hitter (98% of the time) hit lead-off in a one run game. Or do you really not believe in him as a lead-off man?

Maybe you don't, because he was out of that spot in the lineup the minute EY returned. I'm not saying I'm against that, and if that is the case, fine. Then this makes more sense, but not still not a whole lot of sense. I'd like my speed guy at the time hopefully reaching base and creating havoc. Take your big swings with Smith and Giambi to possibly win the game or tie with a gapper.

But what the hell do I know?


Ubaldo Jimenez makes another start after a Rockies loss. He doesn't seem to mind the pressure, which is good, but it'd sure be nice to be looking to extent a winning streak at some point on his turn.

Manny Parra will throw for the Brewers. I'm definitely worried he'll turn in one of those better than usual outings tomorrow. His wacky wildness is a lot like Jonathan Sanchez, who flat owned the Rockies at Coors Field a couple weeks ago.

I will also have more thoughts on tonight's game in a Table Scraps post in the AM. Including some thoughts on Esmil Rogers, Eric Young and more Bob Uecker. Look for that.

Lineup Card: Rockies vs Brewers

Last night's recap... (here)

Thoughts on Jeff Francis... (here)

Watched a little bit of Dante Bichette Jr. in the Under Armour All-American Game today at Wrigley Field.  Strong kid.  He has committed to Georgia, but I think we'll be hearing a lot about him making a decision between college and MLB next summer.

Wouldn't be a bit surprised to see him knocking on the doors of MLB in the next 3-4 years.

Rockies Lineup (60-55)
  1. 2B  Young
  2. 1B  Helton
  3. LF  Gonzalez
  4. SS  Tulowitzki
  5. RF  Spilborghs
  6. 3B  Stewart
  7. C    Iannetta
  8. CF  Fowler
  9. P     Rogers
Fowler hitting 8th against the left-hander?  Alright.  I think I would have eased Young back into the lineup by hitting him 8th, but whatever Jim Tracy thinks.  Hopefully he's smarter than I am this evening.

Brewers Lineup (54-63)
  1. 2B  Weeks
  2. RF  Hart
  3. LF  Braun
  4. 1B  Fielder
  5. 3B  McGehee
  6. CF  Dickerson
  7. SS  Escobar
  8. C    Lucroy
  9. P    Narveson

Jeff Francis Back To DL

Tough news with Jeff Francis headed to the DL today with shoulder soreness. He was actually pitching well again lately, but I was noticing a pattern developing of him wearing down after 4-5 starts.

He started the season building his strength and pitching well, then dropped off the earth. Rejuvenated himself over the all-star, hit another good patch, but was again on a path of wearing down.

Probably would be a wise idea to shut Francis down for the season (might be necessary regardless) and allow him to get a head start on rest, and then shoulder strengthening, and then prep for the 2011 season.

Would also be wise to never expect Francis to be a 25+ start a year type of guy again in his career. If Jeff also senses that possibility it could allow the Rockies to get him back at a reduced, low-risk salary for the 2011. If not, as tough as it is, Rockies may have to look to move on here.

This news does take a little pressure off of Esmil Rogers tonight. His spot in the rotation seems to be safe until the Rockies figure out what exactly they want to do with Aaron Cook.

Somewhat Solid Recap

So basically we know who the Rockies are and how they'll make us feel.

At home: They will make us fall in love with them and baseball over and over again.

On the road: They will frustrate us to no end.

They are your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend you wish you could get over, because you know 55/45 isn't good enough, but the good is so damn good you can't help but wait for the bad to fade away. Only problem is you keep waiting...

... and waiting.

So yeah. Tonight was good. Real good. And I really appreciate the birthday present from Troy Tulowitzki. Very thoughtful. (Highlight)

PS: Dexter Fowler would have had that.

Tonight's recap is only somewhat solid because I only saw a handful of outs (via MLB Network). I did, however, listen to a significant portion of Bob Uecker's broadcast on Brewers radio during a birthday gathering.

Uecker was absolutely fantastic on his call, as usual. Told some fun stories about playing in Denver as a minor leaguer back in the 60s, how much the city has changed over the years, and also touched on the insane bus rides those guys had to take from Denver to Kansas and all over the midwest. Good stuff.

I wish Bob was calling Rockies games.

No... I take that back. I wish Bob called every game in baseball on the radio side and Vin Scully handled the TV side.

Something that also stood out during the radio broadcast was how vocal, supportive, and downright awesome the crowd was. It's obvious that the core of the fan base still has a great deal of faith in the team. Nothing wrong with that. And even if you don't have faith in a comeback, still nothing better than being at the ballpark when your club wins in dramatic fashion.

That adrenaline rush makes everything in life feel possible.

My only two problems with the crowd.


If you can't have fun at the park without the wave, the ballpark ain't the place for you. Go away.

@PostBroncos The fans in my section at Coors Field just turned the "Tulo" chant into a "Tebow" chant.
Can we at least hold off on the Tebow stuff until he proves himself to be anything more than a system QB in college? Please?

Just had to get those off my chest.

All in all though a great crowd, a fun win, and a great night had by all.


More Rockies and Brewers from Coors Field.

Looking forward to seeing how Esmil Rogers fares at home against a top notch offense. His spot in the rotation is pretty clearly on the line here as Jhoulys Chacin is ticketed for the big leagues in the next week or so.

The opposition will be Chris Narveson. The Rockies once acquired Narveson in the Larry Walker deal. He was then moved with Charles Johnson to Boston for Byung-Hyun Kim.

He's not having a very good season, which I guess should scare me going in to tomorrow's game, but it really doesn't. I'm guaranteeing tacos and even feeling pretty good about double digits.