Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Thank you Aaron Cook

I really wanted to write a really long, positive piece today to wrap up the Rockies home schedule. But then the team goes ahead and gets themselves shutout by Anthony Bass and five San Diego Padres relievers. That doesn't exactly inspire me to be positive, but I'll try to say nice things anyway.

Padres 4, Rockies 0 (boxscore)

Thank you Aaron Cook.

I wouldn't say you necessarily went out on a high note, but you went out on an appropriate note. Much like most of your Rockies career, you weren't dominant or overpowering, but you found a way to collect yourself and did a good job keeping the team in the game. You really did. And that's always impressed me about you.

Now done addressing Aaron Cook personally.

Say what you will about Cook's performance this season, I promise you he has more guts than anyone on this team save for Juan Nicasio. To come back from the blood clots in the lungs to become the Rockies all-time winniest pitcher. To come back from the broken leg, the broken finger, it's all very impressive. Because of that, I will never say negatively about Aaron Cook the person.

Yes, it's time to part ways with Aaron Cook the pitcher, but I'm sure there will come times when I miss both the person and the pitcher. The Rockies will miss both too. We need more guys with makeup and toughness. There's no question about that.

And I even admire Aaron Cook enough to not label this a Recrap.

-- I found it interesting that Jim Tracy unleashed the following diatribe on his offense before today's game.