Saturday, April 24, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Times Two

Game 1

Marlins 4, Rockies 1

Losing Player: Greg Smith

Nothing at all surprising about how this game played out. It was a tough matchup for Smith. I thought his showing was okay, nothing great by any means, but he battled and certainly kept Colorado in the game.

As did Manny Corpas, who has turned into a very valuable long reliever. His versatility in the pen is huge.

I'd give the losing player to the entire offense, but again, it's difficult to expect much against a guy as hot as Ricky Nolasco right now. This was just a tough matchup from top to bottom on both sides of the fence.

Running Thoughts: Cook vs. Robertson

The return of good Aaron Cook must happen... NOW.

Return of good Rockies offense would also be nice.


Because it's the crappy infield defensive lineup.  Giambi at first, Mora at second -- he's more comfortable at third.  Bleh!

Marlins will give Cameron Maybin the nightcap off.  Chris Coghlan returns in his place.  Wes Helms takes over at third, moving Jorge Cantu to first.

Running Thoughts: Smith vs. Nolasco

Rockies Examiner explains the TV situation.

Just talked to the producer for Fox Sports Rocky Mountain and she said that there is no TV for the first game, HOWEVER; they are turning on their broadcast at 5:30pm so if the first game is still ongoing (probably will be) then they WILL show that.  
So follow along with me and the radio broadcast until they flip the switch at 5:30.

Seth Smith gets the nod over Dexter Fowler in Game 1.  He bats second and plays left, CarGo shifts over to center.  Chris Iannetta starts behind the dish.

The Marlins go with an entirely right-handed lineup against Greg Smith.  I figured they would.   This presents quite a challenge for Greg, who will need his command to be at its best.  These aren't just right-handed hitters, these are right-handed bats that go up there looking to go yard.

I'm going to close my eyes and hope this goes well!

Looking Ahead: Double Dipping

I previewed Game 1 yesterday. Nothing has changed in my opinion on that.

Game 2: Aaron Cook vs. Nate Robertson

Game 2 should be more of an advantage to the Rockies because of their clear depth/talent advantage over the Marlins. The Rockies can run an entirely different lineup out there in two games and you feel like both lineups can hang with anybody.  That's a nice attribute.

Of course there's always the concerns over Giambi's defense, but let's just hope he's not needed too often with the glove.  

Aaron Cook needs to be good today. I'm expecting the bullpen to pick 3-4 innings in Game 1, so Cook has to get into the 7th or 8th to keep things from getting crazy. The Marlins lineup matches up much better for him than it does for Smith. plus Cook just seems due for a Cookmanlike outing, doesn't he?

Let's cross our fingers.