Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Mother Nature Sides With The Rockies

At least for tonight.

Let's face it, they needed another day to get healthy.  And maybe they needed another day to look in the mirror and get their stuff together.

Doubleheader scheduled for tomorrow.  If Mother Nature really liked the Rockies, she'll start the Halladay game on time.  Maybe play an inning or two, and then open the skies again.  Get Halladay out of there early and then we'll go from there.

The Denver Post has more information on the doubleheader.  I invite you to check that out.

Lineup Card Game 2 vs Philadelphia

Rockies Lineup

  • LF Smith
  • CF Fowler
  • 1B Helton
  • RF Hawpe
  • 2B Mora 
  • 3B Stewart
  • C  Olivo
  • SS Bamres
  • P   Cook
I don't disagree with starting Mora against Halladay (he's 22-for-76 lifetime).   I just find it strange that Tracy was so desperate to get Eric Young in the lineup last week that he had him play LF.  Now that 2B is open for a couple days, he turns to Mora and Young is planted on the bench.  

Who else is ready for Chris Iannetta to return?

Also, the Rockies have placed Franklin Morales on the DL and recalled Edgmer Escalona (love that name).  His stay should be a short one (unless someone else gets hurt) as Jason Hammel will be activated to start tomorrow.  Of course it's possible Esmil Rogers will go down to resume starting at AAA.  

Phillies Lineup 
  • CF Victorino
  • 3B Polanco
  • 2B Utley
  • 1B Howard
  • RF Werth
  • LF Ibanez
  • C  Ruiz
  • SS Valdez
  • P   Halladay
We''ll have the rest later, but that's scary enough as is.

We Need Couch Time

All of us.

I'm frustrated. You're frustrated. Some Rockies fans are even talking to themselves in their tweets. This isn't healthy.

We all need to sit down and talk about the problems here. In place of my usual game preview, we are going to start doing just that. We're going to have little couch sessions to vent our frustations and hopefully make ourserlves feel better. At the very least I'm sure I'll feel better.

What would make me feel better today?

Well, I'd like to vent on Denver Post sportswriter Mark Kiszla.

Mark Kiszla remains one of the worst sportswriters I've ever read. I thought my ideas were all over the place. This guy jumps to conclusions and offers some of the dumbest solutions to problems you could possibly imagine.  And often offers even dumber solutions to problems that don't even exist.

Rock Solid Recrap: Several Bullets Lodged Firmly In Foot

Phillies 9, Rockies 5

The Rockies hung around and hung around. It even looked promising a couple different times. But the reality is that the Phillies never lost control of the baseball game, and the Rockies never were in a realistic position to win it.

That's because the Phillies were never going to shoot themselves in the foot. They were just waiting for the Rockies to shoot themselves in the foot, and then they jump all over them for their mistake.

In the 5th, Melvin Mora couldn't turn a double play (again) which led directly to a run on that play. This allowed the inning to contunue, and then another run scored one hitter later as Seth Smith booted one in LF.

In the 6th, a two out, two strike wild pitch by Matt Daley gave Philly another gfit.

In the 8th, Brad Hawpe drops a flyball that should have ended the inning. That did NOT lead to a run, but folks, it was costly. That meant Randy Flores had to come in to face one batter (Chase Utley), whom he retired.