Sunday, May 13, 2012

Rock Solid Recrap: Well That Weekend Sucked

Dodgers 11, Rockies 5 (boxscore)

What Went Wrong: What is there to say at this point? Unlike at home where the Rockies showed a little pride and resilience in the face of adversity, they have simply folded up like lawn chairs on this road trip. It's painful to watch and completely unacceptable to those of us on the outside looking in, but it's par for the course over the past three seasons under the Tracy regime. He simply has no control over the steering wheel and watches on helplessly as they run off the road.

Turning Point: The Rockies were leading 4-2. Matt Kemp had just left the game after tweaking his ailing hamstring. And then Carlos Gonzalez stepped in and hit a rocket to left center field.

If Matt Kemp is still in the game, Gwynn is still in left field and that ball gets down safely. If that ball gets down safely, the Rockies are threatening to add on some more insurance. If the Rockies score even one run, it changes things quite a bit. Maybe not enough for them to ultimately win, but certainly enough to change the flow of the game.

But it didn't get down.

And then things got ugly.

Alex White's Line: 4 1/3 IP, 6 ER, 5 H, 3 BB, 1 K, 76 pitches (40 strikes)

White was given a 3-0 lead right out of the gate and immediately gave one back in the 1st and 2nd innings. After the Rockies added the fourth run, White started the bottom of the 5th by allowing a single to Justin Sellers. That was followed by a Ted Lilly sacrifice bunt. Innocent enough. Of course White would walk the next two, turning an innocent situation into potential disaster.

And then disaster officially strikes in the form of a Bobby Abreu (took Kemp's spot in the order) bases clearing double, which gave Los Angeles their first lead and ended White's afternoon.

Breakdown of a breakdown: The single you can live with. Heck, you can even live with the double because he was beat by a professional hitter there. You just can't live with those walks. Walks turn into runs so fast in the game of baseball. And as we know, the margin for allowed runs on the road is minimal for Colorado. 

Lineup Card: Rockies @ Dodgers 5-13-12

Saturday's Recrap: Nicasio's Dominance Not Enough To Overcome Offensive Woes


Colorado Rockies (13-19)

  1. Marco Scutaro (2B)
  2. Tyler Colvin (1B)
  3. Carlos Gonzalez (LF)
  4. Michael Cuddyer (RF)
  5. Troy Tulowitzki (SS)
  6. Ramon Hernandez (C)
  7. Chris Nelson (3B)
  8. Dexter Fowler (CF)
  9. Alex White (P)
A lot of people were wondering if Jim Tracy would consider moving Troy Tulowitzki down in the order. Well, here's your answer. It's only one spot today, but it's enough to move Michael Cuddyer into the clean up spot. It'll be interesting to see now if Tulo moves down one more stop to accommodate Todd Helton on Monday. 

The third base position? Who knows anymore. Tracy seems content using the revolving door, which would seem to benefit no one player, or the team for that matter. 

Los Angeles Dodgers (22-11)
  1. Tony Gwynn Jr. (LF)
  2. Mark Ellis (2B)
  3. Matt Kemp (CF)
  4. Andre Ethier (RF)
  5. James Loney (1B)
  6. A.J. Ellis (C)
  7. Adam Kennedy (3B)
  8. Justin Sellers (SS)
  9. Ted Lilly (P)
I think Alex White can have some success with this lineup. He just needs to limit those walks again and pray for 3-4 runs of support. 

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Rock Solid Recrap: Nicasio's Dominance Not Enough To Overcome Rockies Offensive Woes

Dodgers 2, Rockies 1 (boxscore)

What Went Wrong: I could just copy and paste what I wrote last night and change Chris Capuano to Aaron Harang. Just another one of those typical west coast Rockies game where the offense failed to put pressure on the opposing pitcher. Been there. Seen it 1,000 times. What more can you say?

Turning Point: The entire top of the third was Rockies baseball at its lousy in-game managing, awful execution worst.

Well, maybe not all awful. Juan Nicasio did successfully bunt Wilin Rosario to third after his lead-off double. But that only led to Jim Tracy putting on the dreaded contact play, which predictably failed when Marco Scutaro grounded sharply to James Loney. Loney dove to his right to make the stop and still had plenty of time to gun down Rosario by several feet at home plate. Not close.

Naturally, Jonathan Herrera followed this with a bloop double, putting runners at 2nd and 3rd with two outs. Los Angeles then passed on Carlos Gonzalez to load the bases for Troy Tulowitzki. Tulo fouled off the first pitch before flying out harmlessly to straight away center on the second, meaning his RBI total for May is still the same as yours and mine.

That's not good enough, obviously. And I say that fully understanding Tulowitzki will eventually get it together and put up fantastic numbers this season. But the Rockies really need that to be happening now. There's just no denying or escaping that, and because of it the universal frustration with Tulo is becoming more justifiable by the day.

Juan Nicasio's Line: 7 IP, 1 ER, 5 H, 0 BB, 9 K, 102 pitches (64 strikes)

Nicasio is so much fun to watch when he's on.

Tonight, he was ON... and then some.