Monday, April 16, 2012

Rock Solid Recrap: Monday is the new Sunday

Padres 7, Rockies 1 (boxscore

What Went Wrong: Just like the previous three games against Arizona, the Rockies found themselves trailing before they had a chance to take their first hacks.

When that starts happening on a consistent basis, it obviously puts more pressure on the offense, but beyond that it can be more than a little deflating and disheartening. Not that that's a good excuse for failing to mount much offense against Cory Luebke, but it just kind of is what it is. And what it does is wear you out mentally.

As you may have been able to tell by my lack of tweets after the first couple innings, it wears me out, too.

Turning Point: The game never turned, nor was there ever a real threat for it turn, so I'm going to nominate Troy Tulowitzki's error on Cory Luebke's grounder — which directly resulted in San Diego's fifth run — as the moment we all realized the game was never going to turn.

By the way, Tulowitzki looks very uncomfortable at both the plate — which isn't unusual early in the season — and in the field — which concerns me far more. It's possible the hip flexor he's been dealing is a bigger issue than is being led on, which means he either needs to take a day or two soon to rest it, or we might have to get prepared for 75-80% of Tulo for awhile.

Jeremy Guthrie's Line: 7 IP, 6 ER, 9 H, 2 BB, 1 K

It wasn't as messy as Pomeranz yesterday and it wasn't as painful as Nicasio on Friday, but it still wasn't nearly good enough. Especially when it's the worst offense in baseball squaring you up and ripping nothing but rocket doubles to all fields.

Seriously, Guthrie wasn't fooling anybody and he wasn't getting swings and misses. But I guess if you're looking for the silver linings that at least allowed him to gobble up seven innings to help conserve the bullpen.

Lineup Card: Rockies vs Padres 4-16-12

Colorado Rockies (4-5)

  1. Marco Scutaro (2B)
  2. Dexter Fowler (CF)
  3. Troy Tulowitzki (SS)
  4. Todd Helton (1B)
  5. Michael Cuddyer (RF)
  6. Tyler Colvin (LF)
  7. Ramon Hernandez (C)
  8. Chris Nelson (3B)
  9. Jeremy Guthrie (P)
The usual lineup minus Carlos Gonzalez, who is still recovering from strep throat. We're hopeful to see him back in there tomorrow. 

San Diego Padres (2-8)
  1. Cameron Maybin (CF)
  2. Will Venable (LF)
  3. Chase Headley (3B)
  4. Jeremy Hermida (RF)
  5. Nick Hundley (C)
  6. Yonder Alonso (1B)
  7. Andy Parrino (2B)
  8. Jason Bartlett (SS)
  9. Cory Luebke (P)
The Rockies secured their first series win in 2012 over the weekend against their toughest competition to date, the Arizona Diamondbacks. Needless to say, it would be extremely disappointing if they turned right around and dropped this series to a scuffling San Diego squad. Need at least two, and I don't think it would be too greedy to ask for all three.


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