Saturday, June 23, 2012

Rock Solid Recap: Rockies 11, Rangers 7. Let It Sink In

Rockies 11, Rangers 7 (boxscore)

Winning Players: The Offense

On Friday, the Rockies collected 12 hits and only managed one run. Today, they collected 16 hits and turned that into 11 runs.

That's a much more efficient day at the office, and it helped that all nine spots in the order contributed at least one hit (six had multiple hits, Dexter Fowler was the lone Rockie with three). Also, all nine either scored at least one or drove one in, but no single player had more than two of either.

Excellent balance up and down the lineup card.

Turning Point: 3rd inning, Rockies were leading 1-0 and had the bases loaded with one out. Michael Cuddyer popped up for the second out, leaving us wondering if this was going to be a replay of last night. But Tyler Colvin quickly squashed that, blooping a two-run single into short left field. That was a relief. And then the red hot Chris Nelson followed right up with a two-run single of his own, pushing the advantage to 5-0.

It's a lot more fun to deliver two-out daggers than it is to receive them.

Lineup Card: Rockies @ Rangers 6-23-12

Friday's Recrap: That Went Surprisingly Well


Colorado Rockies (26-43)
  1. Jonathan Herrera (SS)
  2. Jordan Pacheco (3B)
  3. Carlos Gonzalez (LF)
  4. Jason Giambi (DH)
  5. Michael Cuddyer (1B)
  6. Tyler Colvin (RF)
  7. Chris Nelson (2B)
  8. Wil Nieves (C)
  9. Dexter Fowler (CF)
Josh Outman (0-3, 8.41)

Listen, I appreciate Jonathan Herrera for what he is more than just about anyone, but only in Jim Tracy's warped mind is flip-flopping Herrera with Dexter Fowler a good idea. I don't care if Fowler is struggling lately. I don't care if Herrera has three singles and a double today, therefore justifying Tracy in his own mind. Leave Fowler the hell alone and let him try to figure his own way back to being the Dexter Fowler we saw in May without having to worry about where his name is on the card, or if it's even on the card.

Texas Rangers (44-27)
  1. Ian Kinsler (2B)
  2. Elvis Andrus (SS)
  3. Josh Hamilton (LF)
  4. Adrian Beltre (3B)
  5. Michael Young (DH)
  6. Nelson Cruz (RF)
  7. Mike Napoli (1B)
  8. Yorvit Torrealba (C)
  9. Craig Gentry (CF)
Colby Lewis (6-5, 3.00)

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Rock Solid Recrap: That Went Surprisingly Well

Rangers 4, Rockies 1 (boxscore)

What Went Wrong: As you know, I've lowered my standards significantly for this series in Texas, so I'm almost willing to say nothing went wrong on Friday night. Then again, anytime you have 12 hits and only score one run, something definitely went wrong. Or several somethings.

A clutch hit here. A productive out there. They would have gone a long way towards making this a different outcome on the scoreboard. But overall, they did everything they needed to do to not get embarrassed. I'm oddly satisfied with that.

Turning Point: There were several wasted chances as noted above.

1st Inning: Left Carlos Gonzalez at second.

2nd Inning: Left runners at the corners.

5th Inning: Left runners at first and second.

6th Inning: Two more left on.

7th Inning: A Jonathan Herrera double play killed a potential big rally. Dexter Fowler followed with a triple and then Marco Scutaro doubled him home.

8th Inning: Michael Cuddyer double play. Two more runners left on.

Pick one.