Friday, August 13, 2010

Lineup Card: Rockies vs Brewers

Should be a fun night tonight at Coors Field regardless of how well or poorly the Rockies play.

It's Mustache Night.

The visuals that should provide could indeed be priceless... and timeless.

Rockies Lineup (59-55)
  1. LF  Smith
  2. 1B  Helton
  3. CF  Gonzalez
  4. SS  Tulowitzki
  5. RF  Hawpe
  6. 3B  Stewart
  7. C    Olivo
  8. 2B   Barmes
  9. P     De La Rosa
Brewers Lineup (54-62)
  1. 2B  Weeks
  2. RF  Hart
  3. 1B  Fielder
  4. LF  Braun
  5. 3B  McGehee
  6. CF  Cain
  7. SS  Escobar
  8. C    Lucroy
  9. P    Gallardo
Lucroy was a pain in the ass last night the Brewers visited.  And how about Casey McGehee?  He enters the game with a hit in his last 9 at-bats.  Hopefully that means he's ready to cool way off.  

Jim Tracy Should Read This

This being the tweet posted directly below. Everything that follows is just me rambling again.
@closernews Mariano Rivera was unavailable after pitching in the last two and in four of the last five. David Robertson gets one out and the save.
Mariano Rivera has yet to throw on three consecutive days this season.

Yes, even the great Mariano Rivera needs days off, and Joe Girardi gives them to him.

I'm sure Joe is reluctant to do so, because that Yankees bullpen is far from deep or stable even Kerry Wood added to the mix.  Yet Girardi always sticks to his guns and leaves Rivera seated on the third day.

Of course that philosophy could change at some point in September if for some reason the Yankees are in a desperate situation (I don't see that happening), but even then, having refrained from doing earlier in the season should have Rivera as close to full strength as a pitcher can be that time of year.


Who remembers the last time Milwaukee came to town? Remember what happened with Manny Corpas (closer at the time) when Jim Tracy ran him out there four days (not games - days) in a row and all three games in the Milwaukee series?

The first two were scoreless innings. Game 3 was a near disaster. Game 4 was a complete disaster.

Manny went on to be awful for about three weeks straight.

Huston Street was successful over a four day period back in July, allowing only one run while collecting a win and three saves. However, the last time Huston was asked to go three in row, the third day resulted in possibly the most devastating loss of the season... in Pittsburgh.

Just saying.

Also just saying... Last season when Tracy ridiculously used Street four days in a row -- seven of out nine overall -- in late August, Street disappeared for three weeks in September with biceps soreness.

Street would return but struggle mightily in the NLDS. He then started this season with shoulder soreness and missed three months.

The only exception to the rule so far is Matt Belisle. He has been pushed the limit on several occasions this season, but amazingly hasn't lost his effectiveness or feeling in his arm.

Knock on wood.

Bottom line...

To me this is bigger than a win or loss issue (which is big enough on its own), it's really a common sense issue. You can't keep running guys into the ground, even if they say they can handle the load, when the risks and affects -- short-term and long-term -- are plainly obvious.