Sunday, March 14, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 13

Diamondbacks 8, Rockies 7 (Boxscore)

From Hermosillo, Mexico


Ian Stewart

Ian is smoking hot this spring (.474)... which you all know means he'll start the regular season in a 1-for-21 funk with 13 strikeouts.  If Ian can push that average to the .260-.270 range when it counts... look out.  Could be a monster season.

Jeff Kindel

Kindel gets a mention for his two hit afternoon.  He's hitting .400 on the spring and is making a nice accounting for himself.  Not that it matters a single bit in the big picture.

Chaz Roe

Dominant inning for the highly publicized young righty.  I still wonder what his ultimate role will be with this team.  I guess that's something to keep an eye on when he's assigned to the minors.

Check Swing

Greg Smith

Smith was right between a hit and a miss here.  He wasn't awful by any stretch, he just wasn't sharp.  Lots of traffic in four innings with seven hits and a walk allowed.  The plus was holding Arizona to two runs.  I remain very confident he'll help the team at some point this season.


Eric Young Jr.

Young EY is living in the misses category this spring.  Yet another 0-for-4 drops him to .103.  Might be time to get him off the field for a few days and into Dr. Baylor labrotory.

Esmil Rogers

Great arm.  Work to do.  Simple as that.