Thursday, March 18, 2010

Hits & Misses: Spring Training Game 18

Rockies 9, Mariners 2 (Boxscore)


Jason Hammel

Is he passing Aaron Cook on the depth chart? Of course not... but he's making some people think about it at least. Six strikeouts today is a nice number to look at. The Mariners had a few borderline major leaguers in there, so that likely inflated the total a bit. He'll never be more ready for opening day than he is right now.

Carlos Gonzalez

Flat smoking the ball all over the yard this spring. I was especially pleased and encouraged by his ringing opposite RBI double today. Can we just make him a Rockie for life, too?

Eric Young Jr.

Nice multi-hit game today. Much needed for his confidence. Was also nice to see him show off his wheels for the first time all spring. It was also a big because...

Jonathan Herrera

He also had a multi-hit game today. He can play more infield positions than EY Jr. Jim Tracy is in love with the guy. And he MAY get a crack at the big leagues this season before Jr. does. Obviously there's still a lot to be determined there, but with Q out the next 4 weeks, Herrera and Jr. can really position themselves for roles at some point in 2010. Herrera has done a better job so far.


Jason Giambi & Seth Smith

Combined 0-for-7. As long as they're saving it counts, I don't mind. But they missed out on the fun today.