Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: 10-4, Good Buddy

Had a few demands for the boys tonight. A good number of them were met, a few were even exceeded.

#1 -- I demand the pitchers throw strikes tonight.

A really awful strikezone didn't help matters.

#2 -- I demand the defense make a play on every ball hit in their direction.

Very good.

#3 -- I demand Jorge De La Rosa last into the 7th inning.

See #1. Jorge was better than his line will indicate, but he's still not at top form either.

#4 -- I demand Nationals starter Scott Olsen doesn't make it to the 5th.

BAM! 3rd inning KO!

#5 -- I demand Ryan Spilborghs starts.

Starts. Homers. Dig it.

#6 -- I demand at least two stolen base or hit-and-run attempts offensively.

Didn't need'em.  This would be a good demand to carry over into tomorrow.

#7 -- I demand Jim Tracy gets ejected if they get hosed on one more call at first base.

No problems here.

#8 -- I demand Franklin Morales pitch the 9th inning.

Very sharp inning.

#9 -- I just flat demand better baseball.

I didn't say pretty, I just said better.

#10 -- I also demand a victory.

Rockies 10, Nationals 4

Official Scorer

Winning Player: Jorge De La Rosa

Anytime the starting pitcher gets a W on the mound + he delivers the knockout punch with the bat, he's the winning player.

Honorable mention: Melvin Mora: with 3 hits.

Overall it wasn't a good day for the Colorado Rockies. However, I must say that I'm impressed and encouraged by how they played through adversity. Unfortunately It doesn't change anything that happened off the field. It doesn't even mean they'll play well tomorrow. It was just nice to see.

We'll catch you all tomorrow for game 3 of the Rockies in Washington. Jason Hammel takes the mound against another opponent's "ace". This time it's John Lannan... not Lennon