Thursday, April 15, 2010

Rock Solid Recap: Can't Out Mess The Mets

Rockies 6, Mets 5 (10)

Try as they might, the Rockies and their continued horrid defense could not snatch a defeat from the jaws of victory.

There was Todd Helton's yearly error in the first inning.  Aaron Cook pitched around that.

Matt Daley pitched over top of Ian Stewart's inexplicable throwing error.  He actually made several poor throws on the evening -- leading to some concern that his arm may be sore -- but the one he made here was so bad even Todd Helton couldn't pick it.  That's bad.

And then there was the Tulowitzki hiccup leading off the ninth.  As I mentioned in Running Thoughts, not as an easy play, but a play Tulo makes 98 times out of 100.  Scored a hit.  I was more than fine with the scoring.  Tulo just looked a step slow.

By the way, Tulo did have a Web Gem earlier in the contest.  I'm not hating, just overanalyzing.

Morales would have pitched over that had it not been for Chris Iannetta's throwing error.  Can't blame Chris for trying, just looked like a no-win situation.   But hey, here's a guy that's only started once in the last seven days.  He wants to make some plays to get back on the lineup card.

Which is why what he did the 10th was not only important for the team, but VERY important for him.


I'm sure Jim Tracy has his rotation planned out for tomorrow and the weekend --Olivo likely to get the nod for the afternoon game --.however, Iannetta had a HR in his previous start, three hits and a walk-off last night.  I'd say he needs to be in line to start his fair share pretty soon.  60-40 for Iannetta is what I prefer.

Official Scorer

Winning Player: Aaron Cook

Tough call tonight.  I go with Cook because he did deserve the real win for his pitching effort.  He slso contributed with two doubles and a run scored.  Yeah, that's the winning player right there.

Save: Chris Iannetta

Saved himself from his own error.  Saved the team from killing the bullpen.  Maybe saved his spot in the lineup.

Three saves in one.